Our Mission

Our core purpose is to build life-changing and resilient communities


Increase Access
to Renewable Energy Sources


Safeguard Quality
and Availibility of Clean Water


Promote a Sustainble
and Healthy Way of Life


Our Team

We're a small team, located in Italy, Boston (MA) and Rwanda working
extremely hard to develop solutions that have a net positive impact.


Emiliano Cecchini, PhD


Has 15 years of international expertise in the industry and has built the world's first underground hydrogen pipes' system. Launched three successful companies in the renewables sector. He has a degree in Physics and a PhD in Chemistry.


Troy Billett

US Director

He has 5 years of experience helping over 13 startups develop effective branding, build strategic partnerships, find funding, and grow effective teams. He has a degree in International Management from a Swiss and U.S. accredited university,


Davide Bonsignore


Worked in 4 African countries leading feasibility studies and deployment of off-grid solutions in remote areas. He is in the board of 2 companies specialized in the production of alternative energies. MSc in Economics and International Development.

Bas Berends

VP for EU partnerships

Bas has 20 years’ experience working as a Dutch diplomat in Beijing, Paris, Tirana and The Hague. Has been involved in Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development goals. Master’s degrees in International Relations, Rural Development, and European Studies.

Andrea Baldini


The lead engineer focused on water treatment, photovoltaic energy, and heating; he has 10 years experience internationally along with a strong academic background, he has been coordinating R&D activities for Off Grid Box


Luca Cerofolini

Supply Chain Manager & Engineer

Focused on remote monitoring and fine-tuning of OffGRidBox, overall performance metrics and optimization, he continuously scouts technical updates. He is a passionate outdoor explorer.


Gianfranco Salvadori

Senior Engineer

Focused on machine design, and production control; he built more than 10.000kWp of 'turn-key' solar farms, performed Quality Check in machine manufacturing for 12 years and taught Machine Automation at Siena University (IT)

Andrea gialli

electrician & manufacturing


Roberto Cafagna

installer & manufacturing