Impact Areas

The project should focus on one (or more) of these areas:



(i.e. education, women empowerment)



(i.e. potable water, sanitation, medical services)



(i.e. sustainable farming, eco-villages)

Disaster Relief Puerto Rico 2.jpg


(i.e. rebuilding, preparedness)

Why Apply

This is a great opportunity to test our system in your location and measure its positive impact.  

This could be a pilot for a larger project or a one-time solution to an urgent situation.

To partner with us and help us extend our social mission to new locations and impact more lives.

Why we are donating

Our motto is “doing well by doing good.”

Our goal is to empower communities to be more independent, sustainable and resilient by providing access to affordable clean water and renewable electricity.

We have received funding from foundations, and plan to install 50 Pay-As-You-Go Boxes in the next year.

We want to collaborate with organizations with local teams to be able to effectively carry out our international projects and create long-lasting partnerships.

More opportunities with the Box

  • Possibility to scale up water and power capacity (adding more panels & batteries)

  • Possibility to offer other services from the Box based on community needs (e.g. medical services, beverages, appliances, etc)

  • If the community evolves to using the grid then we may relocate the box (in less than 1 day) to a new community in need

  • We can use this business model and technology and franchise it to local partners across the developing world

1) Fill out the form

It takes only 2 minutes.



2) Get shortlisted!

Shortlisted projects will proceed to a brief 15 minute interview.



3) Winner announced!

We will notify voters and applicants once the winner has been selected.

Virgin Islands Off Grid Water Electricity Box

Free PIONEER Model

(valued up to $30,000)

6x6x6 ft steel shipping container (storm proof!)

12 Solar Panels 3.36kW (estimated 12kWh per day)

Water Purification: up to 1000 L/hour

Wi-Fi sharing with 32m range

Battery Storage: 15kWh

150 USB ports

*This is a refurbished box from our BuyBack Program
*The box is free, but shipping, customs, and installation costs are excluded and vary depending on location.

Please note, we are no longer accepting applications.

All previous applicants are being reviewed and the winner will be announced as soon as possible.