OffGridBox Holds Strong During Madagascar Typhoon

OffGridBox holds strong during Madagascar Typhoon

The Techstars/Boston start-up product is the only source of drinkable water and electricity.

March 11th, Boston:

A typhoon of category 4 (out of 5) with 145m/h sustained wind swept the Saint Marie Island in Madagascar. Four people died from a local hospital black-out. Additionally, electric grid poles are down and ferries cannot bring food and water.

"The OffGridBox installed here is working perfectly. Now, the only source of clean water and power" - declares Mr. Bruno D.P., Officer of L'Ordre Militaire de Saint Lazare (operating a local Health Center on the island).

Unfortunately, another Typhoon is forming in the next days so the Techstars, Boston-based start-up OffGridBox is sending rechargeable batteries to power mobile phones and lights for the population and is willing to cooperate to raise awareness to help the local population.

The OffGridBox technology proved again to be the only solution in disaster relief able to provide power and clean water in any case, as long as sun, wind, and rain are available. The robust structure of the unit has overcome tornadoes in Oklahoma, typhoons both in the Philippines and now in Madagascar. Boston start-up is working to make an OffGridBox affordable through a Pay-As-You-Go model for local populations, providing clean energy and water to any remote areas in any condition.

Contacts: Emiliano Cecchini – OffGridBox (CEO) – C 415.8496670 –