Rural Electricfication

Chalumna, South Africa


In places where no one has access to sustainable, reliable electricity and safe water, OffGridBox can make it happen! In a few hours using a small crane and a pickup truck, we can deliver and start the unit. We also provide basic training to local maintenance operators--no matter their education level. It's a great opportunity to empower women while solving this crucial issue. 

Off Grid Living

The Alps, Italy


Think about that cabin you would love to hide in, whether by choice to seek inspiration or bliss or as a result of hard times. In any case, your place will never run out of power or safe water. Not to mention, our state of the art technology will raise the value of your now Off-the-Grid estate and you can forget about bills!


Disaster Relief

Bantayan, Philippines


Natural disasters can lead to no access to power, communication or safe water. The only certainty at that stage is that the sun will rise in the morning and there will be some water - maybe not quality. However, the OffGridBox will keep you going with sustainable power and sterilized water, the world will be even better than before!

Grid Backup

Tuscany, Italy & Bogotá, Colombia


Okay, if you are set and comfortable with your grid keep going, but what about giving the Planet a chance. Try to use as much solar as possible, reuse rainwater, attract love and customers to your place and committed to a safer and more sustainable world. Even from a pocket point of view, you save money has never been so quick and easy. Get one!


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