The OFF GRID BOX™ is an all-in-one, self-contained utility system that enables independent living in any environment, whether by choice or as a result of natural disasters.

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Produce your vital resources, be safer and independent!

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Start living completely free! Stop sending money to multinationals.

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Zero impact! It takes nothing from the environment and releases nothing.


The Off Grid Box allows us to produce in this way up to 20 kWp, store it safely in robust batteries and convert it to alternating current to be used just like the electricity from the grid but for free! The solar thermal patented system heats up the water and is integrated with pellet boilers (or pellet/wood) to heat up the whole building.


The photovoltaic roof directs rainwater with a gutter in the 1500 liters lower cistern. A high-efficiency pump with mechanical and UV (Ultra-Violet) filters sterilizes the water to be used at home, for animals or in the garden. You can add a timer for irrigation, additional water tanks and/or dilute the well water if it’s too hard or polluted.


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  • photovoltaic modules for electricity
  • rainwater harvesting and treatments
  • solar thermal water heater
  • pellet stove for heating
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The patented system integrates photovoltaic and wind energy production, rainwater capture for domestic use and family agriculture, sewage sanitation with solar thermal energy, and many optional like the production of hydrogen as a gas for cooking.