No matter where you live access to renewable, reliable clean electricity & water is a challenge.

Together, we can change it.

A Versatile System


OffGridBox™ is helping NGOs, schools, hospitals, businesses and homeowners around the world produce clean power and water.


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Rural Electrification

Globally 1.2 billion people do not have access to electricity and another 800 million do not have access to clean water.

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Disaster Relief

Natural and human disasters can easily disrupt and damage commercial electrical grids which are often expensive and slow to fix.

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Off Grid Living

Many commercial electrical grids are powered by polluting, non-renewable sources and are extremely expensive to access in remote areas.

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Grid Back Up

Grid outages in developing and developed nations can commonly occur due to intentional load shedding or outdated grids.

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On average our base model can produce enough energy and clean water to meet the needs of a family of a 300 families village in Rwanda (to impact 1500 people)




kWh a day

Electricity Produced

by Solar Panels



tons a year

Oil not Burned

for Producing Electricity



liters a day

Clean Water

Filtered and Sterlized



tons a year

Co2 not Emitted

from Burning Oil


Assuming Rwandese average weather data


Total OffGridBox Installed



Total People Impacted



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