Your Down Payment has been confirmed

Thank you for submitting your downpayment! We will be back within one week so you can book a Skype session for any questions if you wish. In any case, we will supervise on a video-call your installation and train for free your plumber and electrician that are needed locally to connect the water pipe and the electric wire from OffGridBox to your building, and for any maintenance questions in the future.


Don't forget:

  • Once the Promotion is over (when we run out of stock), we will disclose the manufacturing schedule and at least two weeks before your time slot you need to pay $15,000 to our Silicon Valley Bank account before we can start manufacturing your box and to avoid the loss of your $500 down payment. Please keep an eye out for our email.
  • Once your box is shipped, we will send you a copy of the Bill of Lading from the freight forwarder you selected and you may pay the remaining balance in order to clear customs.