Most frequently asked questions and concerns

Is an OffGridBox affordable?

In many cases, people living off the grid experience that connecting a building to an electrical grid is more expensive than using an OffGridBox. Our pricing is similar to a solar installation and water purification system but with the benefits of portability, quick installation, easy maintenance, durability, and modularity.

With portability being a major asset, we are able to provide our BuyBack Program, a unique offer in the market. We’ll buy back your box and refurbish them for our philanthropic mission in Rwanda to provide rural villages access to clean water, renewable energy, and Wi-Fi.

Ask us about financing options (US customers only).

What does the timeline look like?

Manufacturing only takes 3 days but reserve your box today to secure your production slot as orders are piling up! Your new box may be deployed and set up within 2 months of ordering.

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How long would it take to connect the OffGridBox to a building?

Connecting the box to a building is a matter of connecting a wire and a pipe. It only requires 30 minutes with an electrician and/or plumber.

What water sources are compatible with the water purification system?

Most water sources work: rainwater, boreholes, wells, rivers, or lakes. We can filter turbidity and organic pollution, microorganism and bacteria. For sea water or brackish water, our desalination model is now available to order!

What is the durability and security of an OffGridBox?

Our box in Madagascar survived a cyclone! Everyday our units withstand extremely strong winds ranging from the Philippines to Oklahoma! The solar panels can be disassembled in 30 minutes and stored in the container if needed. Since the modules are enclosed in a 6 ft by 6 ft (2 m by 2 m) cubic shipping container, it can be easily secured with a padlock. Our containers are based on strong, durable, ocean shipping containers.

The lifetime of a box is roughly 20 years.

How much maintenance does the OffGridBox require?

Low maintenance is required and costs are less than $400 per year.

What requirements are needed to install a box?

Stable soil, a sunny location without shadows near the building (less than 330 ft or 100 m away, for the water pipes less than 65 ft or 20 m away is best), and half a day is all that is needed to install a Box! No special skills or a concrete pad are required, and the outer walls of the box can be covered with greenery and climbing plants.

Is the OffGridBox portable even after installation?

The box can easily be packed up in an hour and moved by small truck, forklift, crane, or helicopter in case of emergency or if needed elsewhere. Due to this feature, we also offer a Buyback Program.

Can I get tax credits for purchasing solar systems?

Federal Tax Credits include 30% deductions for solar systems installed before 2020! State Tax Credit policies vary state by state. To learn more, visit our Tax Credits Page.