What is the impact of an OffGridBox?

The deployment of an OffGridBox in a rural community has a wide range of impact. We are still discovering new levels of impact and attempting to measure them, but please note it is still a work in progress.

  1. New skills acquired following employment by OffGridBox

    financial literacy, solar and water system maintenance, english skills, technical literacy (android devices), ‘soft skills’ (such as communication, problem-solving, confidence, negotiation, goal setting, etc)

  2. Income

    twice the average salary of a males in rural Rwanda

  3. Individual (in employee’s own name) savings account

    before employment:

    after employment:

  4. Increased decision making in the home

    who makes decisions about household spending – before and after employment

    do they have greater input into household decisions since being employed

  5. Other positive outcomes

    benefits for local businesses

Mwogo (the ‘Golden Pilot’)


Nyamata District, Mwogo sector, Rurenge Cellule (Population in Nyamata District: 49,826 people)

1st | April | 2019 

- solar energy harvested (kWh) 

- power banks re-charged  (#)

- water purified  (liters) 

- families with access to purified water (#)

- kids with access to purified water (#)   

- CO2 avoided (Vs diesel) (kg)

-- wifi (Mb used), 

-- employees and partners (# of boxkeepers, bikers, shops, kiosks, etc), 

-- jerrycans distributed in small shops (liters, because we have 5liters and 20 liters. bottles)

-- women trained (#)

-- women savings (RWF)