What is the impact of an OffGridBox?

The deployment of an OffGridBox in a rural community has a wide range of impact. We are still discovering new levels of impact and attempting to measure them, but please note it is still a work in progress.

  1. New skills acquired following employment by OffGridBox

    women employment: 10 trained (4 hired) per box
    - financial literacy
    - solar and water system maintenance
    - english skills and technical literacy (android app)
    - ‘soft skills’ (such as communication, problem-solving, confidence, negotiation, goal setting, etc)

  2. Income

    twice the average salary of a male in rural Rwanda

  3. Individual (in employee’s own name) savings account

    before employment: TBD

    after employment: TBD

  4. Increased decision making in the home

    TBD who makes decisions about household spending – before and after employment

    TBD do they have greater input into household decisions since being employed

  5. Other positive outcomes

    benefits for local businesses
    - larger margin on bottled water for local shops
    - less “down time“ for restocking inventory
    - electricity for services (hair buzzer for barber shop, general lighting, etc)

Mwogo (the ‘Golden Pilot’)


Nyamata District, Mwogo sector, Rurenge Cellule (Population in Nyamata District: 49,826 people)

1st | April | 2019 

- solar energy harvested (kWh) 

- power banks re-charged  (#)

- water purified  (liters) 

- families with access to purified water (#)

- kids with access to purified water (#)   

- CO2 avoided (Vs diesel) (kg)

-- wifi (Mb used), 

-- employees and partners (# of boxkeepers, bikers, shops, kiosks, etc), 

-- jerrycans distributed in small shops (liters, because we have 5liters and 20 liters. bottles)

-- women trained (#)

-- women savings (RWF)