Leadership Questions
Leadership Questions
We are trying to identify the key behaviors of the best managers. Please answer the following questions on a scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree).
My manager gives me actionable feedback that helps me improve my performance.
My manager does not "micromanage" (get involved in details that should be handled at other levels).
My manager shows consideration for me as a person.
The actions of my manager show that he/she values the perspective I bring to the team, even if it is different from his/her own.
My manager keeps the team focused on our priority results/deliverables.
My manager regularly shares relevant information from his/her manager and senior leaders.
My manager has had a meaningful discussion with me about career development in the past 6 months.
My manager communicates clear goals for our team.
My manager has the technical expertise (i.e. selling in global business, accounting in finance, etc) required to effectively manage me.
I would recommend my manager to other OffGridBoxers.
I am satisfied with my manager's overall performance as a manager.
Open Questions
Please provide as much detail as possible.