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We hope you are having a wonderful week.

Thank you for your patience, we are excited to give you some updates on what OffGridBox has been up to over the past few months!

  • Our water distribution revenues in our golden pilot in Rwanda have consistently improved, from 19.9% to 52%.

  • We have received payment for Boxes in Puerto Rico and Hawaii!

  • We have received grants from organizations such as MassCEC, EEP Africa and Deutsche Energie.

Great news! 🎊We are designing some amazing water and solar shirts promoting green mindsets and need your help! Choose your favorite slogan below.

Thank you for supporting us and being a part of OffGridBox!

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News from the field📰

From our golden pilot in Matimba (Nyagatare, Rwanda), we consistently improve our water distribution revenues from 19.9% to 52% of the goal.

Goal: $10k / year

  1. Apr. avg.: 19.99%

  2. May avg.: 24.34%

  3. Week 6/3 - 6/10: 43.77%

  4. Week 6/11 - 6/17: 41.94%

  5. Week 6/18 - 6/24: 54.66%

  6. Week 6/25 - 7/1: 52.89%

This is great news for our impact investors. We are opening 5 shops per week in the area toward 60% of the goal within the end of June. Plus, we expect to get more than 60% of the goal at the end of June. (These calculations are based only on the Urban Water Market. The recharges we are doing in Matimba are not in these calculations. The Rural Shops in the area are not active.) Revenue Sharing Investors will get a detailed follow up within the next few days.

If this remains consistent we will replicate in other Boxes and expand. Our team in Kigali, Rwanda is split into two. One team is focused on deployment of new boxes and the other will remain focused on local advertising to increase water and power revenues. Once revenue passes 60%, we will initiate payments to impact investors.

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Impact Package: Our latest and greatest way to fund boxes. Offering turnkey solution for water, power, connectivity and women empowerment. Corporations and foundations pay the cost of the Box, local setup, and two year subscription for impact data. Since these strategic partners focus on impact, we maintain ownership of the Boxes (increasing the number of strategic assets on our balance sheet).

We received $51k from Instituto Nueva Escuela in Puerto Rico as a deposit for 3 Boxes, making primary schools more resilient. Additionally, $19.8k deposit from another NGO in Hawaii helping veterans.

In terms of grants, we received a $100k deposit from EEP Africa and additional funds from MassCEC and Deutsche Energie.



We are collecting votes on a new slogan for a water shirt and a solar shirt! We have generated a lot of organic interest for people who want to support our mission but who can't afford a box. Therefore, we decided to allow them to support clean water and power access by purchasing a shirt.

Each shirt will allow one person access to affordable water and power (estimation: $25k for one box, 1 box provides for 2,000 people, $30 per person)

Please vote for your favorite:

Solar Slogan
Water Slogan


OffGridBox warmly welcomes Dr. Cara Tobin on board as an ambassador. Cara is an experienced environmental engineer focused on climate change adaptation. She is a Green Climate Fund advisor and Clean Energy Venture Partner.

The team is equally excited to welcome John Scudiere on board! John is currently a Business Development Consultant and Mentor at Good Rain, with more than a decade of experience at Draper.


Team 🌎

We are excited to introduce Paul Kagame and Jodie Wu to the team!

Paul has seven years of experience in the sales and marketing industry. In his previous role, he was responsible for leading acquisition and retention strategies for BeneFactors Ltd, a Rwandan FinTech company.

Jodie is an Impact Entrepreneur and Technology Enthusiast. She hopes to use transformative technologies to help create healthier, and more sustainable communities. In her previous role, Jodie led the development of emerging product verticals for Greenlight Planet as VP of New Products.



  • Do you know Country Directors at Total (Corporate Social Responsibility)?

  • Do you know Tanzania Country Director at Exxon?

  • Do you know sustainability leadership at BP?



We came in 2nd Place at the Startup Energy Transition Tech Festival 2019. SET Tech Festival is an international competition for start-ups and young companies worldwide who are working on ideas affecting the global energy transition and climate change.

Selected as FAMAE Top 100 Water Solutions. OffGridBox participated in the “Precious Water” challenge and ranked in the Top 100 Water Innovators out of 3,000 candidates!

Member of the prestigious Solar Impulse 1,000 Solutions. This label is granted to solutions who meet high standards of both sustainability and profitability through strict assessment of the following criteria:

  • Technological feasibility

  • Environmental and socio-economic benefit

  • Profitability


Biggest Press

We are honored to be featured on Newsweek! We are in the digital and print magazine as well. In celebration of NASA astronauts landing on the moon, the magazine chose to spotlight a number of pioneers in science and technology, and we were one of them!