We aspire to empower people no matter where they live.

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From no access to electricity to protecting against load shedding,

OffGridBox™ is helping NGOs, businesses, and homeowners become more

sustainable, secure and self-sufficient.


All-in-one solution

Install your box anywhere with a source of water, enough sunlight, and stable soil

  • Electricity, filtered water, and battery storage

  • Communication (Wi-Fi)

  • Easy delivery by boat, truck, helicopter, etc.

*all the hardware fits inside a 6x6 ft shipping container, ready to be deployed. Modules available for customization


Independent & easy to use

Independence from the grid

  • Collect dirty water from any source (rainwater, boreholes, rivers, wells, lakes, etc.)

  • Only 3 hour installation with basic set of tools (other solar systems take ~3 weeks!)

  • Estimate of 2 months from time of purchase to fully operational

*a box can support long-term use of about 20 years! Now accepting pre-orders for desalination

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Sustainable & cost saving

An environmentally friendly solution

  • Renewable energy from solar panels - no air pollution!

  • Solar is 36% more cost effective than diesel

  • No more utility bills from the grid

*protect against load shedding, and provide backup for power outages


Provide a long-term solution for your building, home, or farm with renewable energy and clean water.

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Schools, Clinics, NGO Offices and Community Centers

Increase resiliency of infrastructure to serve your community to the fullest

Provide for 200 people* (students, staff, medical personnel)

Long term impact ~20 years

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Houses, cabins, tiny homes

Make your home self-sufficient, secure, and sustainable while living off the grid

Provide for a 2 bedroom household*

Long term impact ~20 years

Farms & ranches 

Give your remote farm access to clean energy and filtered water

Provide for a small farm

Optional automatic timer and drip irrigation unit available

Long term impact ~20 years

*depends on consumption habits

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